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Summer 2016
Increase Participant Completion in your Workshops
Have you ever done all the hard work in planning, recruiting and preparing for a workshop, only to find that a significant number of participants who began the workshop didn't reach the end?  It can be frustrating (all that work!), and heartbreaking when you lose participants who really needed was PATH has to offer.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase the rates of participant completion in your workshops.

PATH participants are said to have 'completed' a workshop when they attend at least four of the six sessions.  Completion is important; only participants who attend at least four sessions are shown to benefit from the workshop.

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) offers a tip sheet on increasing participant completion in Chronic Disease Self-Management classes (we call them PATH workshops in Michigan). 

These are the seven things you can do to increase completion in your workshops:

1. Develop strong, committed host organizations.
2. Offer a Session Zero.
3. Carefully select leaders and master trainers, and provide ongoing support.
4. Use data to inform program activities.
5. Hold workshops at convenient times and places.
6. Use familiar faces in outreach and marketing of the workshops.
7. Cross-market PATH and other health promotion programs. 

Be sure to view the tip sheet for more detailed information on how to make these seven strategies work for you.  
Updates from Stanford
Current Versions of Manuals
Stanford makes frequent revisions to leader and master trainer manuals to fix typos, make corrections, clarifications, etc.  There is a copyright date and a revision date which both appear on the title page and in the footer of Sessions 1-6.  The copyright date only changes when a major revision is done.  When minor revisions are made, the copyright date remains the same, but the revision date appears in parenthesis.

Here are the most current versions of the manuals.  If you do not have the most current version, please contact your licensed organizations for more information.

PATH (CDSMP)- Copyright 2012 (April 2015 version)
Diabetes PATH (DSPM)- Copyright 2009 (June 2015 version)
Chronic Pain PATH (CDSMP)- Copyright 2015
CTS (Cancer)- Copyright 2014 (10-2014)
PLEASE NOTE: There are also corrections that you need to make in the CDSMP (PATH) and DSMP (Diabetes PATH) manuals right now.  There was confusion about the difference in "portion size" and "serving size."  Portion size is what you put on your plate.  A portion could be more or less than a serving size.  The activities are using serving size.

View a list of corrections for PATH.
View a list of corrections for Diabetes PATH.

Revised Diabetes PATH program
Stanford has made major revisions to the Diabetes PATH program.  The nutrition content has been changed and the decision making exercise has been added, among other major changes.  Stanford will begin offering the DSMP 2016 Update webinar for master trainers this fall (dates to be determined) and then all current leaders will need to attend an update training before the new program can be completed.  The existing curriculum can still be used until further notice.  At this time, we do not have any more information on when or how the update trainings will be offered in Michigan.  Please stay tuned. 

Fidelity Corner
Q: I understand I have to lead one workshop per year to maintain my certification as a PATH leader.  My one-year deadline is approaching, and the workshop I had scheduled just got canceled.  How do I stay certified without having to take the whole PATH leader training all over again?

A: Stanford will begin offering online leader refresher trainings on their website in the late summer for a fee.  But watch this space- the Michigan Arthritis Program is working on making refresher training available to you at no cost within the next year.
Highlights from the Field
We love to hear, and share, your feedback.  Here's what we heard from you in the last quarter:
PATH participants recently had this to say after their completion of a workshop:
  • It has significantly increased my coping/problem solving skills.
  • I'm learning to physical and mental capabilities.
  • I learned skills that I will use for myself and share with others.
The photos below are of Diabetes PATH in Evart: making a difference in Central Michigan.  Leaders: Pam Daniels, MSUE; Laura Anderson, MSUE; and Mandy Duff, COA Osceola County.
Thank You
Thank you for  your continued support of PATH and for all that you do for the program.  If you have any comments or suggestions for future newsletters please let us know!



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